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5月31日,華坊(CHFT)董事總經理盧銘恩接受無綫新聞財經節目“智富360”訪問,就近期Nvidia股價創下歷史新高分享評論。5月25日Nvidia股價飆升24.4%,這家晶片製造商的市值增加近三分之一,收盤時市值接近1兆美元大關,與Apple, Google, Alphabet基本并列, 盧銘恩分析了Nvidia背後的三個故事:

• nvidia曾幾乎倒閉

• nvidia市值曾多年僅維持約10億美元

• nvidia退出智能手機芯片市場


Three stories about Nvidia

On May 31, Leo Lo, Managing Director of CHFT, was interviewed by TVB Jade's financial programme "Wealth 360", sharing his comments on Nvidia's record high share price recently. On May 25, Nvidia’s share price soared 24.4%, increasing the market value of this chip manufacturer by nearly a third, closing at nearly US$1 trillion, basically in line with Apple, Google and Alphabet. Leo analyzed the three stories behind Nvidia:

• Nvidia had almost gone bankrupt

• Nvidia's market value had only maintained about US$1 billion for many years

• Nvidia exited the smartphone chip market

For details, please watch (44'09"):


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