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數據網站「Our World in Data」曾公布「世界肥胖地圖」,顯示了全球國家的肥胖率,太平洋島國諾魯(Nauru)排名第一位,肥胖率高達60.7%。發達國家(如美國)也有超過37%肥胖人口,中東國家(如科威特及沙地阿拉伯)肥胖率也超過35%。縱使亞洲的肥胖率偏低,如中國的肥胖率只有6.6%,肥胖症的患病率有上升的趨勢。



The data website “Our World in Data” has published a “World Obesity Map” showing the obesity rates of countries around the world. Nauru, a Pacific island nation, ranks first with an obesity rate of 60.7%. Developed countries such as the United States also have over 37% obesity rates, and Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have obesity rates over 35%. Although Asia has relatively low obesity rates, with China’s obesity rate only at 6.6%, the incidence of obesity is on the rise.

According to a report released by medical technology research company Medi-Tech this year, the global market for drugs to treat obesity is expected to grow from $23 billion in 2022 to $28.75 billion in 2027, an increase of 25%. Looking ahead, the global population of obese people is expected to reach one billion by 2030. Investment in obesity drugs is no longer simply a capital market operation aimed at seeking profit, but an urgent investment for the development of human health.

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