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城規員會在6月16日通過了一項新指引,允許私人發展商 (包括市區重建局) 申請將地積比率從一個或多個送出地盤 (一般為較小的開發項目) 轉移到不超過兩個接收地盤。

這試驗計劃目前僅適用於油麻地和旺角區。計劃允許在接收地盤上。例如區內住宅 (甲類) 規劃的地盤的地積比率由當前限制的9.0 倍可 提高至11.7倍。如果接收地盤上現有建築物的地積比率已經超過9.0倍,最高地積比率則可被提升高於11.7倍。我們的資深董事梁沛泓在下列報章提供了相關意見。


"Yau Wong District" Pilot Scheme: No Upper Limit on Sending Sites

A new mechanism was approved during a Town Planning Board Meeting on 16 June, allowing private developers (including Urban Renewal Authority) to request for the transfer of plot ratio from one or more smaller development sites, known as Sending Sites, to not more than two larger development sites, known as Receiving Sites.

This pilot scheme currently applies only to Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok districts. The scheme permits new Residential (Group A) development on a Receiving Site to exceed the current PR restriction of 9.0 to a maximum of 11.7 in the two districts. If the PR of an existing building on the Receiving Site already exceeds 9.0, the maximum PR could be increased beyond 11.7. Our Senior Director, Alex Leung has provided comments on the scheme's impacts to the following newspapers.

Report from Singtao:


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